Void Protection with wHOLE.Protect™

Void Protection & Safety Netting

Composite Profiles put site-safety first for all our operations and we are justifiably proud of our long unblemished safety record.

We maintain a holistic approach to site safety, offering a robust Safety Netting service or alternative Fall Arrest Systems.

Our specialist wHOLE.Protect™ System provides void protection and easy access routes through the decks for all trades and in our opinion, should be a standard in every deck installation. It combines the benefits of anti-slip GRP moulded grating with bespoke, specially adapted, edge shutter and is widely used on many of our composite floor projects. We offer our wHOLE.ProtectTM system as a standalone service or part of our full installation service.

Void Safety

Beard Construction awarded Phill Robinson from Composite Profiles the Golden Helmet Award
For forward planning and good health and safety management of his team and others.

What you need to know

What is the difference between VoidSAFE™ and wHOLE.Protect™

VoidSAFE™ and wHOLE.Protect™ are both systems developed to solve the problem of having unsafe gaps in the decking.

Our wHOLE.Protect™ – Safely Protecting Access solution reduces the risks associated with having voids in the decking and in our opinion, should be a standard in every deck installation. We have developed the system to protect the health and wellbeing of all site operatives, not just our own.

Do you provide a Safety Netting service?

As a standard, we request that all deck flooring and roofing installations are safeguarded by the employment of Safety Netting or an alternative Fall Arrest System.

At Composite Profiles, we adhere to best practice safety procedures and offer both Passive and Active Fall Arrest Solutions. As many of our projects involve operating at height, our preferred method is the use of Personal Safety Netting as it is designed as a Collective and Passive Fall Arrest System that offers effective protection to a group of workers collectively.

All our safety nets are manufactured in line with BS EN 1263-1: 2002 and installed in accordance with BS EN 1263-2: 2002.

What safety training do Composite Profiles site operatives undergo e.g. FASET, IPAF, SSSTS, CHAS?

Composite Profiles employ highly skilled operatives with many years of experience.

All site operatives have undertaken job-specific training to ensure safe operation of equipment and effective implementation of on-site health & safety procedures. We also ensure that other operatives are safeguarded by dovetailing our safety activities with other contractors on site.

Our teams are regularly upskilled and hold the following safety certifications.

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