Structural Roof Decking

Structural Roof Decking

Composite Profiles provide reliable and flexible solutions to all your structural roofing requirements.

We offer Tata Steel’s full range of RoofDek products as part of our complete service or supply only. Whether it’s aesthetics, strength, acoustics, efficiency or spanning capability you require, we will guide you to a comprehensive solution.

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What is Structural Roof Decking?

Structural roof decking provides the platform and strength for many roof structures today. The physical performance of structural roof decking provides an ideal base for metal standing seams, bitumen, single ply membrane and green roofs. We offer a large range of metal roof deck profiles, which are both efficient and attractive.

Is Structural Roof Decking only available in Steel or Aluminium?

Metal roof decking comes as a standard galvanised steel finish, although we can specify various finish options should your design team or client require. A few profiles are also available in aluminium.

Do you offer a Supply Only option for Structural Roof Decking?

Tata Steel’s full RoofDek range including Acoustic Profiles and Structural Liner Trays can be provided by us on a supply only or as part of our full service, which includes detailing, supply and installation. Whatever your needs we can provide a solution.

As part of BBC One DIY SOS: Grenfell Special, our installation team worked hand in hand with a multitude of other trades to install 75m2 of single span floor decking to the first floor of the new Dale Youth Boxing Club. A team of 2 worked 10 hours solid to do this for the community of Grenfell Tower following the devastating fire in June 2017.
Mark Harley, Senior Project Manager, Composite Profiles.

What are the benefits of Shallow vs Deep Roof Deck profiles?

We utilise Tata Steel’s comprehensive range of both shallow and deep roof profiles.

Shallow Profiles

The shallow profile range optimises your designer’s needs for efficiency, aesthetics and structural performance.

Deep Deck Profiles

Alternatively, deep deck profiles are designed to give exceptional strength and span capability, providing a rugged structural platform for all types of roofs. Deep decks are ideal for architecturally interesting large space buildings, as they eliminate the need for purlins.

Which are the most popular Structural Roof Deck Profiles?

  • RoofDek D46
  • RoofDek D46 Perforated
  • RoofDek D60
  • RoofDek D60 Perforated
  • RoofDek D100
  • RoofDek D100 Perforated

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