Concreting & Ancillary Services

Concreting & Ancillary Services

Reduce the risk of coordinating different trades and benefit from our easy one-stop solution for all your structural metal flooring and roofing needs.

We are flexible, innovative and like to make your life easy with our suite of ancillary services: Concreting, Safety Netting and Fall Arrest Systems, Thru-Deck Welded Shear Studs, Hilti X-HVB Shear Connectors, Void Protection and Edge Shuttering.

Ancillary Services; Concreting by Composite Profiles

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Concreting & Reinforcement

Benefit from a single point of contact and reduced coordination for the complete floor slab with our concrete services.

By placing the concrete and reinforcement within your package, we will manage the logistics and coordination from safety netting to concrete pour. We produce composite floor slabs with traditional fabric mesh, loose bar and fibre reinforcement offering reduced programme times and manual handling benefits, in line with industry best practice.


Void Protection with wHOLE.Protect

Remove the worry and hassle of protecting voids and risers in the floor slabs with our wHOLE.Protect system.

By engaging with us at an early stage, we can integrate void safety seamlessly into your build leaving a safe, clear and uninterrupted working area for following trades.

Our system combines the benefits of anti-slip GRP moulded grating with bespoke, specially adapted, edge shutter and is widely used on many of our composite floor projects. Site managers no longer need to struggle with costly and time-consuming scaffolding and handrail systems around internal voids. Let us remove the problem completely from you.

Edge Shuttering

Edge shuttering is an integral part of the majority of our floor decking projects. We offer bespoke installation or supply only.

Typically, we detail, supply and install a galvanised metal shutter to the perimeter of the building and any internal voids, ready for following trades. Standard floor decks have slab thicknesses from 100mm, whereas our specialist deep deck range offers a slab thickness of 270mm or more.

Bespoke Installation

We offer edge shuttering bespoke to each project and can combine with our wHOLE.protect system to provide even greater benefits to site managers.

Supply Only

Our edge shuttering can be ordered as supply only or we offer a fitting service where pre-cast planks have been specified and there is a requirement for a screed topping.

Edge Shuttering
Thru-Deck Welded Shear Studs

Thru-Deck Welded Shear Studs

Shear studs are commonly used with our standard floor decking to increase the performance of composite beams. Our full service solution covers all aspects of metal decking works, including the supply and installation of shear studs – leave it to us!

Thru-Deck Shear Connector Studs provide longitudinal shear connection between the steel beam and the concrete. The most common type of shear connector used for composite beams in the UK is a 19mm diameter by either 100mm or 125mm long welded stud. The welding process then results in lengths after weld of 95mm and 120mm respectively.

Generator or Mains Installation

Depending on your requirements and site access, we can offer shear studs using either a lorry-mounted generator or mains site power. Our install teams can fix more than 2,000 shear studs a day providing you a cost-effective solution for composite beams.


X-HVB Shear Connectors

Composite Profiles use Hilti X-HVB Shear Connectors to mechanically generate a composite beam solution between steel beams and concrete where design or site restrictions apply.

Unlike traditional Thru-Deck Welded Shear Studs, our installers use a powder-actuated tool providing great versatility. The system can be used without electric power and in all weather conditions unlike welding.

X-HVB Shear Connectors are commonly used where design or site restrictions limit the use of Thru-Deck Welded Shear Studs, for example when the steel beams are galvanised or where hot works limitations apply.

We can supply the X-HVBs in a variety of sizes from X-HVB 40 to X-HVB 140, to suit your requirements. We typically use X-HVB 95 and X-HVB 125 in our metal floor decking projects.

Safety Netting

Safety Netting & Fall Arrest Systems

We respect the health and wellbeing of all people; ours, yours and those who work alongside.

We adhere to best practice safety procedures and request that all our flooring and roofing installations are safeguarded by the employment of one or more of the following Fall Arrest Systems:

Safety Netting:

The use of Safety Netting is our preferred method, as it offers both a passive and collective protection system for workers, particularly when operating at height. We manage risk by conducting and issuing a full RAMS as standard. All our safety nets are manufactured in line with BS EN 1263-1: 2002, installed in accordance with BS EN 1263-2: 2002 and maintained in line with the BCSA and UK Metal Decking Association Code of Practice for Metal Decking and Stud Welding.

Safety Air Mats and Cushions:

When site conditions suit, for example when block or brickwork is present and a minimal fall distance, we can provide Safety Air Mats or Cushions. Similar to Safety Netting, it is both a Passive and Collective Fall Arrest System so a reliable system within the right conditions.

Running Lines and Harnesses:

Categorised as a Personal and Active Fall Arrest System, the use of harnesses rely on the construction worker being adequately trained and adhering to using the equipment appropriately for their own personal protection. This is the highest risk of the three systems so should only be used when Safety Netting or Air Mats are not feasible.

The appropriate Fall Arrest System will depend on the project’s individual factors such as access, height, layout, stage of build and materials, and should ideally be considered during the design stage of the project. We are here for your safety.

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