Composite Floor Decking

Composite Floor Decking

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What is Composite Floor Decking?

Composite metal floor decking forms an integral part to many structural flooring systems throughout the world, although it is often not seen. The galvanised steel profiled decking supports the weight of wet concrete and reinforcement to form a structural floor with excellent fire, acoustic and loading possibilities.

Composite floor profiles

“The Composite Profiles team beat the programme for the crane infill work. Our appreciation of your organisation and efforts.”
Colin Brown, Senior Project Manager, Buxton Building Contractors Ltd

What are the Benefits of using Steel Decking over Concrete?

Steel decking has contributed to the dominance of steel frame buildings in the UK commercial sector over the last few decades. The speed of construction is often the primary driver for this. When combined with its other advantages including safety, sustainability, reduced transport costs, weight savings and structural performance, composite metal floor decking is the clear choice for many clients and design teams.

Is Composite Floor Decking only used on Steel Frame Buildings?

Steel floor decking is typically utilised on steel framed buildings, although can also be used on blockwork, laminated timber (glulam) and other structures. Its versatility is evident from Composite Profiles breadth of projects from multi and single storey car parks and warehouses, to unique buildings for specialist purposes, across all sectors. Take a look at our featured projects.

Is Composite Profiles a Tata Steel Metal Decking supplier?

We offer a Supply Only or a Supply and Install service for the full range of Tata Steel ComFlor® composite floor decks and RoofDek roof decking profiles, including related ancillary products and undercoating options.

Each profile provides a variety of advantages to meet your technical requirements and coupled with our expertise provides full flexibility to ensure that the needs of your project are fulfilled regardless of complexity or cost constraints.

Which are the most popular Composite Floor Deck Profiles?

  • ComFlor® 46
  • ComFlor® 51+
  • ComFlor® 60
  • ComFlor® 80

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