Bespoke Void Protection System


Remove the hassle and cost of protecting voids and risers in the floor slabs with our specialist wHOLE.Protect™ System. wHOLE.Protect™ combines the benefits of anti-slip GRP moulded grating with bespoke, specially adapted edge shutter eliminating the need for scaffolding and handrail systems around internal voids.

By engaging with us early, ideally during the design phase, we can integrate void safety seamlessly into your build; leaving a safe, clear and uninterrupted working area for following trades. Our wHOLE.Protect™ System provides void protection and easy access routes through the decks for all trades and in our opinion, should be a standard in every deck installation. Watch our short 1.5 minute film on The 5 Benefits of wHOLE.Protect™.

We offer wHOLE.Protect™ as: Supply Only; a standalone Install Service and as part of our Full Metal Decking Service.



Bespoke Void Protection System - Anti-slip GRP Moulded Grating

wHOLE.Protect anti-slip GRP Grating


  • DEPTH: 38mm
  • MESH: 38mm2 – standard size
  • WEIGHT 19.5kg per m2
wHOLE.Protect Solid anti-slip GRP Grating

wHOLE.Protect Solid™

  • DEPTH: 41mm
  • MESH: Solid – catches 100% of falling debris
  • WEIGHT: 22kg per m2
wHOLE.Protect Micro anti-slip GRP Grating

wHOLE.Protect Micro™

  • DEPTH: 38mm
  • MESH: 19mm2 – prevents smaller debris falling through (passed the 12mm ball test)
  • WEIGHT: 23.5kg per m2


DURABLE: Maintenance free for life
SEAMLESS INSTALL: Reduces interface between trades
PERMANENCE: Services can be easily incorporated
STRENGTH: Can withstand tough environments
FALL PROTECTION: Reduces the risk of falling debris or people
ADAPTABLE: Suitable for use in a variety of scenarios
LIGHTWEIGHT & SLIP SAFE: GRP mesh grit material
MODIFIABLE: Can be cut to suit irregular void shapes

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Just wanted to let you know that Gary & Ryan, the guys laying our decking were super stars, very much appreciated their hard work and for being ultra-nice people in general & to work with too – thank you.

Alison Spain, Site Manager, C J Gibbs and Sons Ltd

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