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Steel and Aluminium Roof Deck Profiles by Tata Steel


Structural roof decking is often specified when a sleek, modern aesthetic is desired and in high performance roofs where fixings need to be hidden. Typical applications for roof decking are standing seam roofs, green roofs, single ply membrane, slates and tiles, three ply felt and asphalt.

Optimising designers’ needs for efficiency, aesthetics and performance, structural roof decking offers a simplified method of roof construction. We install long-spanning liner trays in place of traditional purlins, resulting in clean lines and a lighter and more efficient roof structure.

As an approved structural roof deck contractor for Tata Steel, Composite Profiles offers the widest choice of UK manufactured steel and aluminium roof deck profiles with the functionality to span up to 12 metres. The British origins also helps contribute to BES 6001 sustainable resourcing requirements.

The profiles we offer fall into four categories: Shallow Decks which span up to 4 metres, Deep Decks used to span 4–12 metres between frames, Perforated Profiles used for acoustic absorption and Structural Liner Trays required for wall and roof cladding.

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Shallow Deck 32-60mm

Spanning capability 1.2 to 4 metres.

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The trapezoidal profiles of shallow decks are ideal for aesthetically pleasing, structurally strong and efficient build requirements.

They are also suitable for diaphragm design applications where the structural elements transmit lateral loads to the vertical resisting elements of a structure. Examples of lateral loads requiring resistance are those generated from natural forces such as wind, earthquake, earth pressure and hydrostatic pressure.

The shallow RoofDek profiles can be curved 40-85m radius depending on profile and finish…

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Deep Deck

To span 4 to 12 metres between frames.

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The main benefit of deep roof decking is its functionality to span between frames up to an impressive span range of 12 metres!

The clean application eliminates the need for purlins and purlin bracing, which reduces the cost of installation as well as streamlines the visual aesthetics of the roof. A diaphragm design would also remove the need for cross bracing resulting in a neat interior roof that doesn’t require any further applications such as ceilings.

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Perforated Acoustic Profiles

For roof, wall and cladding applications

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We provide a full range of perforated deck profiles, which provide structural support as well as acoustic sound absorption ratings from A-D.

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Structural Liner Trays

For roof, wall and cladding applications.

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Structural liner trays span across the main steels to provide a smart, clean interior appearance. They have a span range up to 6m with trough perforated options.

The versatility of Liner Trays means they can be used for both wall cladding as well as all roof applications e.g. standing seam roofs, green roofs, single ply membrane, slates and tiles, three ply felt and asphalt.

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The Composite Profiles team beat the programme for the crane infill work. Our appreciation of your organisation and efforts.

Colin Brown, Senior Project Manager, Buxton Building Contractors Ltd

Safety For Your People

At Composite Profiles, we adhere to best practice safety procedures. We believe wholeheartedly in our responsibility to respect the health and wellbeing of our people and those who work on site alongside our teams.

As a standard, we request that all deck flooring and roofing installations are safeguarded by the employment of safety netting. All our safety nets are manufactured in line with BS EN 1263-1: 2002 and installed in accordance with BS EN 1263-2: 2002.

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