Health & Wellbeing: It’s not all about Quinoa and Avocado

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Composite Profiles team volunteering at Dorset Wildlife Trust supporting Mental Health Wellbeing

A focus on Mental Health doesn’t come just once a year for Composite Profiles.

A normal week in the Composite Profiles office includes Monday Morning Weekend-Wrap Walk, Yoga Tuesday and Fridge Friday – a focus on employee mental wellbeing is integrated into business operations throughout the year at Composite Profiles.

Amy Monaghan, Health & Wellbeing Champion, is one of seven Champions within the Composite Profiles business – voluntary roles tailored to an individual’s soft skills or personal interests. Other Champions include Investors-in-People, Reward & Recognition, Community, Technology, Process Improvement and Coaching & Mentoring.

With mental health being a national hot topic right now, Amy reflects on her extra-curricular role;

Volunteering for Dorset Wildlife Trust for Mental Health Wellbeing
Composite Profiles volunteering for Dorset Wildlife Trust supporting Mental Health Wellbeing
Planting trees at Lorton Meadows benefitting mental wellbeing
Composite Profiles employees planting trees at Lorton Meadows for the Dorset Wildlife Trust. Supporting Mental Health Wellbeing.

“When I volunteered for the Health & Wellbeing Champion role, naively I thought it would all be about keeping fit and healthy eating. I guess because that’s my natural interest, I instinctively focused on the rosy side of lifestyle, but it goes so much deeper than that.”

The benefits of the Midday Mile

In January 2019, Composite Profiles held its first Health & Wellbeing week and amongst many activities, invited OUCH Training, specialists in Mental Health First Aid Training, into the office. OUCH introduced the concept of the midday mile to help reduce stress, anxiety and fatigue. Composite Profiles has since adopted this to become their Weekend-Wrap mile – an opportunity on a Monday morning to debrief the weekend with their colleagues and encourage sharing of information about their personal lives that may affect how they ‘appear’ in work. Getting to know and supporting the whole person rather than just the part we see in the office. Amy comments;

Volunteering is good for your Mental Health.

In March 2019, a team of Composite Profiles’ employees utilised their Community Day (one paid day a year to undertake community work) to volunteer for the Dorset Wildlife Trust planting trees at their Lorton Meadows nature reserve in Weymouth.

Initiated through a collaboration with OUCH Mental Health Training, Composite Profiles saw it as a great opportunity for employees to aid their own mental wellbeing by volunteering outside in the open air. Monty Don has advocated the therapeutic aspects of gardening for years, and the benefits of volunteering on one’s own mental wellbeing has been well documented but finding the time to do it is often the greatest challenge. Working for a company that both encourages it and provides the opportunity in which to do it, is a fabulous combination.

“Being out in the fresh air and doing something completely selfless helps clear my mind and makes me feel that I have contributed something worthwhile. So many people will be able to enjoy the area we worked in and probably won’t even give a thought to the fact that someone has given their time and effort, so that others can enjoy a beautiful natural environment. I really appreciate that Composite Profiles invest in this kind of activity, it shows that they care about you as a whole person rather than just a job title.” Sue Jones, Financial Controller

Mental Health wellbeing noticeboard in Composite Profiles office
Yoga in the workplace
Child's Pose yoga in the office

In more ways than one, Composite Profiles is paving the way as role model and leader in its field, having won a national award for company culture, which no doubt was influenced by their unique focus on employee wellbeing. With a Gold Investors in People Award also in their display cabinet, it’s no surprise that they also encourage initiatives such as days out working in the community.

A focus on Mental Health doesn’t come just once a year for Composite Profiles. If you’re interested in taking part in OUCH Mental Health Training, or volunteering as a team for Dorset Wildlife Trust, they’d love to hear from you. Tongue in cheek, Amy concludes;

“It’s not just quinoa and avocado that make me healthy, it’s having a healthy mind too. Of course, healthy eating and exercise play a vital part, as the body and mind are connected, but it’s too easy to take a healthy mind for granted. I am lucky, not all are.”

Composite Profiles is supporting Mental Health Awareness week 13 – 19 May 2019

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