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Steel Deck Flooring Profiles

Composite Profiles supply and install the full range of Tata Steel decking including the complete range of floor profiles. Each profile provides a variety of advantages to meet all of your technical requirements and provides full flexibility to ensure that the needs of your project can be fulfilled regardless of complexity or cost constraints.

ComFlor® Steel Deck - Shallow Profiles

ComFlor® 46

An economic and nestable profile allowing for effective transport and handling. The trapezoidal composite deck provides a strong and reliable shear bond performance, with a reduced concrete volume requirement.

ComFlor® 51

A profile providing an excellent mechanical key into the concrete slab with strong shear bonding supplemented by trough cross stiffeners. The virtually flat soffit with a relatively shallow slab does not require fire protection for two hours fire rating and under-floor services are easy to attach.

ComFlor® 60

A state-of-the-art floor profile providing exceptional spanning capabilities of up to 4.5 metres. With a reduced concrete volume and the advantage of reduced structural steel requirements this profile delivers a cost-effective and visually attractive solution and can be treated with a Colorcoat® underside.

ComFlor® 80

A very efficient profile manufactured with a higher grade of steel allowing spans of up to 5m to be achieved. The large spans reduce costs and a central stud placement ensures correct concrete cover and reduced on-site checking.

ComFlor® 100

An extremely strong profile shape that allows spans of up to 4.5m without props. The design also eliminates the need for temporary propping during construction and leaves a clear area beneath reducing labour costs and prop hire. Suitable for use in traditional construction including placement onto masonry walls or standard non-composite steel beams.

ComFlor® Steel Deck - Deep Profiles

ComFlor® 210

The cross and longitudinal stiffeners of this profile allows long spans of up to 6m in unpropped construction and provides excellent composite action with concrete. Exceptional structural strength and fire properties of up to two hours with unprotected soffit. The nestable profile provides the benefit of reduced transport and handling costs.

ComFlor® 225

Provides the potential of an unpropped span of up to 6.5m. Developed for the Tata Steel Slimdeck® system this profile is unique with its wide bottom flange reducing the overall floor depth. The design eliminates the need for shear studs and fire protection to the beam as the steel deck bears on the lower flange, allowing the concrete that surrounds the beam to provide composite action.

ComFlor® with FibreFlor®

In recognition of the many practical difficulties associated with the use of traditional welded wire fabric in upper floor construction and in response to the ever increasing demands for improved speed of construction, improved quality and cost effectiveness, Tata Steel and Propex Concrete Systems have joined forces to develop ComFlor® with FibreFlor®.

FibreFlor® is a combination of Novocon high performance steel fibres and Fibremesh micro-synthetic fibres providing a unique three dimensional concrete reinforcement solution for composite metal decks and designed to replace traditional welded wire mesh.

By combining the attributes of both types of fibre, FibreFlor® provides performance benefits over the entire life span of the concrete – from simplifying placement, to minimising controlling cracks in the hardened state, to providing years of exceptional durability.

In the development of FibreFlor®, it was identified that many properties were required to provide both an optimum technical solution for the necessary fire rating, but also practically in providing a concrete solution that is easily handled, pumped and finished.

The world leading brand of Fibermesh micro-synthetic fibres are proven to inhibit both plastic shrinkage and settlement cracking.  Additional benefits include increased impact and abrasion resistance together with reduced permeability of the concrete. Fibremesh micro-synthetic fibres are also internationally proven to provide resistance to explosive spalling, in the event of fire.

Novocon high performance steel fibres are proven to provide long term crack control.  This allows the load carrying capacity to replace traditional mesh reinforcement.  Testing approved by the Steel Construction Institute (SCI) confirmed that FibreFlor® also provided longitudinal shear resistance in excess of that provided by A393 steel wire fabric.

ComFlor® with FibreFlor® has been extensively tested in accordance with BS EN 1365-2:2000 standards at NAMAS certified fire test facilities, under the guidance of the SCI.

Results, analysed and approved by the SCI, show that ComFlor® with FibreFlor® composite metal deck systems provide equivalent or superior performance to traditional wire mesh solutions with fire ratings of up to two hours.

ComFlor® with Colorcoat FD®

Colorcoat FD® 25 pre-finished steel is ideal for use as part of a ComFlor® composite floor decking system when the exposed soffit is used as a feature of the building’s interior.

Use of ComFlor® with Colorcoat FD® 25 eliminates the need for post painting and offers an aesthetically pleasing finish without the need for a false ceiling.

The improved appearance and durability of  ComFlor® with Colorcoat FD® 25 provides a perfect solution for multi-storey buildings, such as offices and car-parks.